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Together, we can help make a difference in the lives of patients with PAD, today and tomorrow.

At Abbott, we’re committed to partnering with you in educating your patients about PAD and providing helpful information about the LIFE-BTK clinical study. We invite you to download and share the resources below to enlighten and encourage patients regarding the details and purpose of the study. In this important trial and in every study, we are dedicated to expanding clinical diversity. Together with you, our goal in the LIFE-BTK study is to enroll inclusive gender, racial and ethnic representation.

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Physician Site Brochure

A convenient and useful guide for you as a participating physician in the LIFE-BTK trial, offering a full spectrum of solutions to help make it easier for you to enroll patients in the study.

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Patient Brochure

A more detailed guide to navigating the LIFE-BTK trial with your patients, including in-depth information about CLI disease and answers to important questions about the clinical study.

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Patient Info Sheet

A variety of informational flyers with key details about the study for you to share with your patients. These helpful info sheets include five versions to represent a diverse population of patients.

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Discussion: Life-BTK Study P.I.’s

A conversation among the leadership group of the LIFE-BTK study, discussing the exciting potential of the new treatment for CLI and the clinical trial, including the positive impact that could benefit patients living with the condition.

Animation: Esprit™ BTK

Animation of the drug-eluting resorbable scaffold for the treatment of infrapopliteal disease, showing incorporation of the struts into the vessel wall over time, degradation of the scaffold material and eventual full resorption.

Interview: Dr. Lee and Dr. Varcoe

Dr. Varcoe, LIFE-BTK Co-principal Investigator, interviews Dr. Lee, LIFE-BTK trial physician, discussing the successful enrollment of patients for the study, effective pre-screening of participants, and his experience and insights from the study.

Discussion: Dr. Metzger and Dr. DeRubertis

Dr. DeRubertis, LIFE-BTK Co-principal Investigator, talks with Dr. Metzger, LIFE-BTK trial physician, about their first-hand successes and strategies as physicians participating in the LIFE-BTK trial.

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