Don't Just Close. Repair. Perclose ProGlide™ Suture-Mediated Closure System

Broadest Indication*

Femoral Arterial and Venous Access

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The Perclose ProGlide™ vascular closure system has the broadest indication for femoral arterial access sites 5-21F2 (Max. 26F OD1) and venous access sites 5-24F3 (Max. 29F OD1).

For common femoral access sites

*As compared to Angio-Seal‡, ExoSeal‡, FemoSeal‡, InClosure‡, MANTA‡, Mynx‡, PerQseal‡, Vascade‡, Velox CD‡, X-Seal‡. Data on file at Abbott.
1. Max. OD 26F/0.340 inches/8.62 mm; Max. OD 29F/0.378 inches/9.59 mm. Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.
2. For arterial sheath sizes greater than 8F, at least two devices and the pre-close technique are required.
3. For venous sheath sizes greater than 8F, at least one device and the pre-close technique are required.

Not All Vessel Closure Devices Are The Same.

Don't Just Close. Repair.

Perclose ProGlide™ provides percutaneous surgical repair with a suture by delivering a secure, non-masking percutaneous repair. Perclose ProGlide™ promotes primary intention healing1 with less scarring2, and reduces time to hemostasis, ambulation and discharge3,4.



The use of Perclose ProGlide™ for repair of large-bore arterial access is associated with significantly lower blood transfusions, infections, mortality, and length of stay compared to cutdown.5

The use of Perclose ProGlide™ for large-bore venous access is also associated with low major access site-related complications.6

Primary Intention

Primary Wound Healing with Suture Repair

1. Primary intention healing occurs where vessel wall edges are brought together, adjacent to each other. This can be achieved with suture, stitches, staples, and clips.
2. Mercandetti, Michael. Wound Healing and Repair. Medscape. WebMD, 19 May 2017. Web. March 21, 2018.
3. Time to hemostasis, ambulation, and discharge applies to the arterial access.
4. Bhatt, Deepak L. etc al. Successful "Pre-Closure" of 7Fr and 8Fr Femoral Arteriotomies With a 6Fr Suture-Based Device (The Multicenter Interventional Closer Registry). American Journal of Cardiology Vol 89. March 2002.
5. Perclose ProGlide™ Versus Surgical Closure Outcomes – Real World Evidence. Schneider, Darren B; Krajcer, Zvonimir; et al. LINC 2018.
6. The Use of the Perclose ProGlide™ Suture Mediated Closure (SMC) Device for Venous Access-Site Closure up to 24F Sheaths. Kar, Saibal; Hermiller, James; et al. CRT 2018.

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