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PCI, patients, data and debate drove the conversation at this year's largest interventional cardiology conference. We've collected insights from acclaimed experts to help keep you in the know and ready to address new clinical challenges.

Hot Topics at TCT

Expert Views of Today's Challenges

With these brief clips, discover the latest insights to address today's challenges and create optimal outcomes for your patients.

New Options in DES

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Watch Drs. Adrian Banning, Antonio Bartorelli, and Azeem Latib discuss treating complex patients and how XIENCE Sierra addresses challenging lesions.
Complex PCI Case

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Watch Dr. Jaikirshan Khatri from the Cleveland Clinic share a case highlighting his "go to" wires for complex lesions.
The Latest on the Short DAPT Trial

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Learn from global PI Dr. Roxana Mehran about the XIENCE Short DAPT program, including the XIENCE 90 and XIENCE 28 Global clinical trials.
Comparison Among Polymers

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Learn from Dr. Renu Virmani about the performance of the XIENCE fluoropolymer in the human body and its performance relative to other stent surfaces.
OCT Imaging in PCI Symposium

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A clip from the "CHIP Guided by OCT" Symposium led by Drs. Ziad Ali, Richard Shlofmitz, Ulf Landmesser, and Jonathon Hill.
Hear From Experts

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The future of complex PCI will continue to thrive ... the durability of the latest generation of drug-coated stents are phenomenal. Dr. Amir Kaki

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Complex PCI to me means ... being able to case plan beforehand in order to have an optimal outcome with a complicated case. Dr. Ayaz Rahman
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Late Breakers

Special Update

FAME 2, 3-Year Data

FFR is the only physiological index that has demonstrated clinical benefits compared to medical therapy alone with substantially lower follow-up costs through 3 years1-3

Three-Year Rate of Death, MI, or Urgent Revascularization

Number at Risk

PCI + Medical Therapy is superior to MT alone in functionally Significant lesions (FFR ≤ .80) using Abbott's PressureWire1

Results: Cost

Despite lower initial costs in the medical therapy alone group, there is no cost benefit at three years1

1. Fearon et al. (2017). 3-year follow up of the FAME 2 trial. TCT. 2. De Bruyne et al. (2012). FAME 2 1-year follow-up. NEJM, 367 (11). 3. De Bruyne et al. (2014). FAME 2 2-year follow-up. NEJM, 371 (13).

Registry arm is for FFR > 0.80, while the randomized portion of MT and PCI are for FFR ≤ 0.80.

Excel Quality of Life Data

In contrast to previous trials, EXCEL showed that there were no significant differences in long-term health status outcomes between PCI with XIENCE and CABG—a finding that was consistent across subgroups.

Baron, S. Excel QOL; TCT 2017.

4. Abdallah et al. JACC 2017; 69: 2039-50. 5. Abdallah et al. JAMA 2013; 310: 1581-90.

Orbita Trial

The ORBITA trial evaluated the effectiveness of PCI vs. a sham procedure in reducing angina in patients with stable ischemic heart disease.

In the primary endpoint, which was a difference in exercise time increment at six weeks, there was no significant difference between PCI and placebo. In the secondary endpoint of heart performance (defined as peak stress wall motion index score), PCI significantly improved over sham treatment.

Some, like Dr. Gregg Stone, were critical of the patients enrolled in the trial:

About 27% of the patients we'd all agree shouldn't have had the angioplasty because they have no ischemia

Dr. Gregg Stone

I think what this study gives us is the opportunity in this cohort—single vessel coronary disease—to have an informed consent process with our patients

Dr. Rasha Al-Lamee
Orbita PI

Al-Lamee, R. ORBITA: A Randomized, Sham-Controlled Trial of PCI in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease. TCT 2017

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View a Webcast

Watch the experts discuss the XIENCE Short DAPT program and the motivation behind it

Drs. Roxana Mehran, Marco Valgimigli, and Takeshi Kimura

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Glean More Insights From Reading

Clinical implications of blood-material interaction and drug eluting stent polymers in review

Hiroyoshi Mori, Anuj Gupta, Sho Torii, Emanuel Harari, Hiroyuki Jinnouchi, Renu Virmani and Aloke V. Finn


Learn More About Treating Complex Patients

Learn How Fluoropolymers Contribute to Superior DES Outcomes in Complex Patients

Dr. Tullio Palmerini

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PCI in Complex Patients: A Look at Now and in the Future

Dr. Adrian Banning

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Introducing XIENCE Sierra

With the safety you've always relied on and the deliverability you've always wanted.

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Social Buzz

Check Out Social Tips From TCT 2017

What are top cardiologists tweeting about these days?

See below for a list of hot topics on the minds of physicians at this year's conference.

Top 10 Tweeted Topics

by Interventional Cardiologists at TCT2017
Social media opens up new ways for physicians to connect to each other to share practice tips, and for tool makers like me to learn from tool users. Let's connect! Chuck Simonton, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Abbott Vascular

Do's and Dont's for Physicians on Social Media

"Twitter is becoming a very powerful tool. Not just to learn the news, but to learn from others in the medical field about current practice as well as to educate patients."
— Chadi Alraies

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